Tumblr. Blogging

With Tumblr you are creating blog posts along with other authors within the same website and your own blog page.
Create a Tumblr account and you will be able to start creating blog posts.


Below shows the home page with your own avatar and blog creation icons. What follows that is the list of blogs that everyone else is currently posting.
Different types of blog posts can be created;  text (with images), just a photo, a quote, link, chat post, and a video post.

tumblr create new post


This is the "Text" type blog creation window which pops up on the screen.
You can add various types of media such as images and videos.
Media icons for adding content will appear when you complete a paragraph and the cursor is to the left side.
The title is added on top and text is written within the post.
Save or immediately post the new blog post.

tumblr new post


To edit the appearance of your theme, ensure you are logged in to Tumblr and then go to your actual blog web page.
Because you are logged in, the top right of the screen will display the palette icon which only you can see.

tumblr edit blog page appearance


From here you can edit the appearance using the various options. The link to edit the web page HTML code is also displayed.

tumblr edit theme appearance


Below the appearance options are the theme options and a link to the advanced theme options.

tumblr edit theme options


There are advanced Tumblr options and a custom CSS overrides section where you can change the appearance of the current theme by coding.

tumblr edit theme advanced options


You can also edit the HTML code of the website.

tumblr edit theme html


web burble logo

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